I saw the boy with blue eyes that resembled the ocean on a rainy day and I saw the way his mouth curved like a crescent moon when he smiled. I learned the touch of his hand and how it felt to feel more than just nothingness. I learned the way his hair fell across his forehead and how contagious his laughed seemed to be. I’ve learned the way he’s never seemed to love coffee as much as he wished and how much he loves all the colors of the sunset, orange particularly. I saw him, and my heart shouted “THERE YOU ARE” out into the inevitable atmosphere for no one to hear but even the most observant. Do I just want to feel something? Is it actually for real? Sooner or later I will be caught in his stormy eyes and I don’t know if I’m ready to sail away at sea. I don’t want my ship to wreck. I don’t want it to sink into the the bottomless ocean and never be found. I want to be found. In fact, I want to stay right where I am, where no finding is needed. I can feel myself sinking, deeper and deeper like quicksand, and I’m not in an ocean or a river or lake or even something as small as a puddle. I don’t know where I am, and that’s that. I’m sinking deeper and deeper and after all, I may need to be found but I don’t know where I’m going. How will they be able to find me? I don’t know where I’m sinking or why. It’s just a nonstop game with the boy with the ocean eyes and crescent moon smile that’s more mysterious than any conspiracy or the expectancy of the earth.
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